Superman Family Adventures canceled…

yes I’ve pinched myself. It’s not just a bad dream, it’s true.

Ever since I heard the news yesterday I’ve been thinking about it. Why DC? Why? Superman Family Adventures is the best comic out there made by two of the best guys in the business. Over the years I have had the pleasure of being friends with the dynamic duo of comics Art and Franco. Many of you probably call them friends as well because Art and Franco make friends everywhere they go. I don’t know of any other artists that have so much fun entertaining their fans by playing with them. If you haven’t met them in person it is a real treat to see them do their famous dollar sketches and to watch them tease the kids as they go. Thankfully in spite of the fact that Superman Family is ending we can at least console ourselves in the fact that Art and Franco aren’t going anywhere. What’s more they keep taunting us with announcements about their own Aw Yeah Comics publications which are sure to be a big hit. If you love them and support kid’s comics you should support Aw Yeah Comics.

Aw Yeah Comics Facebook Fan Page

What surprises (and scares) me about Superman Family being cancelled is the idea that something so good, entertaining and funny can presumably not be selling well enough. How can this be? Is it the economy? Is it a reflection of the decline of the comics market? Who’s to say. Someone at DC made the decision and while it may have made financial sense it doesn’t seem to fit with common sense.

I myself am dedicated to kid friendly and all-ages comics. There aren’t enough of them. I love comics and want to share them with my kids. Art and Franco’s comics entertain us both and to me that’s the point of all this. Art and Franco comics remind me of Pixar in that there’s something in them for both kids and adults. In Superman Family for example I enjoy all the inside jokes about the original Christopher Reeves movies and my sons enjoy the whimsical humor and funny situations. Art and Franco, like Pixar, know how to entertain everyone. The secret I think is that they always strive to entertain themselves first and if it makes them laugh then they know it will make others laugh.

You might be asking, if the comic is so good then why are they cancelling it? Your guess is as good as mine but the cynic in me is concerned that publishers will get the wrong idea and go back to bland animated cartoon adaptations instead of unique, original storytelling. You may only have to look as far as My Little Pony comics to get a taste of what is to come. Don’t get me wrong I applaud My Little Pony comics and have a great affection for the creators involved but I yearn for more unique and original voices of cartoonists like Art and Franco.

My hope is that DC will immediately announce a new title for Art and Franco and will allow them to do what they do best with as much creative control as they can give them.