It’s hard to believe but Super Siblings is turning four years old this month. It has been quite a “Journey” (to borrow a phrase from the new Hobbit movie) in creating, writing, drawing and promoting the strip. What started as a kernel of an idea has germinated into a fully formed comic strip and comic book series culminating in the publication of the first graphic novel edition that is now available for purchase. Thank you to everyone that has been there supporting me all along and to our new friends just joining us. Rest assured that Super Siblings is here to stay. In fact after a few months of planning I’m happy to announce that Super Siblings will add an additional comic strip each week. Starting in the next few weeks the webcomic will now post Mondays and Thursdays. I am also hoping to post new comic book story pages on Fridays. This is ambitious for me I know, especially considering my teaching and freelance responsibilities, nevertheless, I intend to set the goal and meet it. In that regard I feel like I’m entering one of the most creative periods of my life in spite of the fact that in the beginning I feared I would run out of gags. Thankfully that hasn’t happened yet, quite the opposite in fact. So I hope you look forward to more laughs. Thanks again for your support and please pass the word. See you around the interwebs…


Non-Famous Cartoonist