This is an open call to my webcomics friends scattered across the inter webs; who’s up for some link sharing? The thought occurred to me the other day that because my strip posts weekly I have a number of days where I don’t have anything new to share with my followers. On twitter this is taken care of by Retweets, so whenever a comic tweet passes by I’ll usually retweet it. And I thank those that do this for me as well. What I’d like to do now is try something similar on Facebook. I have a Facebook fan page, but for whatever reason I hardly ever post on it. Except when a new comic comes out. What I’m suggesting is that if you offer to share my strip on Facebook I’ll share yours on my Super Siblings Facebook page. The only stipulation I have is that your comic MUST be kid friendly because my audience is all ages.

Here’s how I think it might work. My comic usually posts on Mondays if sometime during the rest of the week you post a link to on your Facebook page I’ll do the same for you. Shoot me an email at banshee(a) with your site and update schedule and I’ll compile a list of those playing along and I’ll do my best to post links to your comics throughout the week on my Facebook page, What do you think?