Beware the Kindle Fire, you might get burned. As much as it pains me to say it, it’s true. When the Kindle Fire was announced I was really excited to see an inexpensive competitor to the iPad. Not just because it was a touch pad but because of it’s access to content: books, movies, etc from an Amazon account. The other important feature I wanted was a simple color tablet for reading digital comics. I figured that I don’t really need a camera so why pay the extra money for an iPad. So, when the Fire was announced I ordered mine like everyone else and waited patiently for it’s release.

The first inkling I had that I might have made a mistake was after reading a few posts by Skottie Young who, after just a few hours announced that he was taking his back because it was an awful comic reader. In spite of this I was determined to give mine a shot. Well, I’ve held out for 4 days now trying my best to like it but I can’t fool myself any longer, I don’t.

Here are a few of my complaints: First, I don’t like the touch screen sensitivity. To me it’s not even as good as what I have on my iPhone. There’s a perceptible lag and sometimes even a failure to register my touch and I find myself tapping trying to get it to respond. Second, I hate, I mean HATE the carousel. Why oh why can you not customize it? I really don’t want all my searches, books, movies, etc listed. Third, although I do like reading comics on it, even better than my iPhone, it’s just a fraction of an inch small enough that I have to scroll and zoom on some panels and I don’t like that. There are other small annoyances and what it really amounts to is that I might be able to over look any one of them by themselves but when you add them up together they make the user experience tiresome. Don’t get me wrong the Fire is a decent product but if what you really want is an iPad, get an iPad.