Here are some drawing tips for the 1950’s cartoonist:

“Every object in existence can be reduced either to a sphere, a cube, a cone, a cylinder – or some combination of these basic forms. If you remember this fact constantly, and approach your subject matter from this point of view, you will have no difficulty in drawing any object you can see or imagine…
From this minute on, throughout the rest of your life, look first for the basic form of every object which comes before your eyes, whether you are staring at a radio or a rhinoceros, a pomegranate or a princess. Look for the basic form, recognize it, and draw it through to the other side. If you will do this conscientiously, you will learn to draw form convincingly before you know it – and half your problem as an artist will be licked!”

–1950’s Famous Artists Cartoon Course – Lesson 12 Pg 4 & 5.