Here’s a great Q&A by Heidi over at Comics Beat with Dan Didio and Jim Lee about the new DC Comic’s initiative. Read more here. My take away was something that Jim Lee said about their effort to ensure that events and story lines be driven by creativity. That’s good news to a long time reader like myself. They also addressed event fatigue where Dan Didio attributed most of reader’s lack of interest to weak story lines. I do agree that good story lines and quality art keep readers interested in events but for me there’s another reason I’m tired of events. This is especially true of recent Marvel events. Truth be told I can’t keep the titles straight anymore. After each event there’s a shake up that changes the status quo, the title characters and the numbering system. Don’t get me wrong, creatively I think it’s great to change things, but when an event is over I don’t know which titles to buy. To me it’s a question of branding. I don’t buy my books based on events, I buy them based on characters. In this way I think DC is doing the right thing. Go back to the original title characters and reset the standard numbering. That way there’s no mistaking who and what you’re buying. Leave the events for trades or collected editions. Now off to buy a digital copy of JLA when I know my print copy is in the mail, damn you DC!