This quote holds some significance for me considering how I use black in my comic strip backgrounds. How do you use black and white in your strip? Here’s some advice from the 1940’s Cartooning Course:

“Present-day comic strips are printed so small that it pays to think twice before putting any of that grand old pen shading in your work. It’s apt to close up and look like hair – and hair doesn’t grow on chairs or doorknobs.
Always be alert for chances to simplify your work into solid whites and blacks. For an object to stand out in a composition it must contrast in value with the surrounding area. Solid black is a great eye-catcher, but over-use makes it tiresome. Clean white space is just as powerful. When you draw solid whites and blacks, keep the outlines sharp and clear-cut so that the shapes are easily recognized. Over-shading can ruin your outlines – avoid it.”

–Famous Artists Cartoon Course – Lesson 11 Pg 9