Peter Parker is dead leaving Marvel Comics to make a significant announcement this week about the New Webslinger in Ultimate Spiderman – Miles Morales, a half-black, half-Hispanic teen. Since the announcement it has been a deluge of comments on the interwebs and in the media about the development. Unfortunately much of the criticism has been racially charged leaving one to wonder if fan and commentator reaction would have been the same if Peter Parker had been replaced by a Caucasian. The fact is Peter Parker is dead in Ultimate Comics and that’s a big deal. His replacement will have large, sticky shoes to fill no matter who they are. I for one am impressed by Marvel’s choice. I used to be bothered by changes in the status quo in comics but the truth is things can’t always be the same or the stories we love will become bland and boring. I hated the idea of Steve Rogers being killed but then grew to love Brubaker’s Bucky as Cap. Likewise I was sure Bruce Wayne could never be replaced but was delighted that DC gave Dick Grayson a shot. This fact is not lost on writer Brian Michael Bendis who seems eager with new and fresh stories to tell. (Read more on Newsarama) Furthermore I’m glad he kept the alliteration of the title characters name – Miles Morales. Besides I’m ready to see someone else carry the mantle of Spider-Man. Hey, Peter has been carrying the weight of it for 50 years, it’s about time he be given a break. Looks like they found a new kid on the block from Brooklyn who deserves a chance to become a hero.