I’ve been reading the Charles Schulz biography lately and really enjoying it. What’s fun is that every time I read a chapter I find some interesting fact that connects me to Sparky or the cartooning world. The word “Banshee” is the latest example.

My ancestors were Irish and every once and a while I find something that connects me to the homeland. Years ago I learned the word Banshee, an Irish mythological spirit that haunts the countryside and who’s wailing cry can be heard mourning someones death. For some weird reason I filed it away as a funny word to use whenever possible. Flash forward a few years to the time I created Super Siblings and I used it as the name of my self publishing imprint Banshee Comics. Banshee also became the name of my titular character Courtney’s alter ego.

What I never knew until now and just learned after reading a chapter in Schulz’s Biography, is that Banshee was also the nickname of the New York cartoonists luncheon club in the 50’s. The same professional association that would bestow the esteemed Reuben award on it’s members, including Charles Schulz.

It may not be such a big thing but it’s coincidences like that that make me feel good about pursuing cartooning.