Comic-Con 2010 is now one for the history books. What an adventure this year turned out to be and what a great time I had. This will also go down as one of my most successful cons so thanks to everyone that came by and laid down some cold hard cash! It’s hard to write down everything that happened but I’ll try to give you some highlights. In particular it was gratifying to have readers return and tell me how much they’ve been enjoying the strip. You’ll never know how much that truly means to me.

I hate naming names because I always leave people out but I want to mention a few inspiring friends. As always thanks to Art, Franco and Jimmy who always make me feel welcome. Their work on the Tiny Titans is always inspiring. Also, thanks to new friend Matt Kindt for spending some time with me. Also, I can’t fail to mention the real James Clark, creator of “Guns of Shadow Valley”. Fans of Super Siblings will recognize that James Clark is also the name of our beloved geek dad. Who knew there was a real Jim Clark out there and that he wrote comics! On the other hand I’m very disappointed in Harrison Ford, Natalie Portman, and Nathan Fillion all of which never did make it to my table.

This year’s celebrity sightings include Matt Groening, Seth Green, Blair Butler, and the Old Spice Guy. I also met other pros and business muckety-mucks, so if you happen to be one of them and you’re reading this blog, give me a call I’m ready to work for ya!

As usual Comic-Con is both exhilarating and totally exhausting— I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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