On this week’s #webcomicschat we discussed humor in our comic strips (or the lack there of). Personally I’m fascinated by comedy and as you can probably tell from my comic strip I have absolutely no training in writing humor. With that in mind I put out the call to ask others to share their tips and tricks. I’ve collected a few here. @RealityAmuck— “I keep a small notebook with me at all times to jot down any stray ideas or funny things I see.” @ben3PO— “I have none [writing tips], just trying to figure that stuff out myself. But, I guess write what amuses you.” @blaquesaber— “I usually find out my stuff is funny after I write it.” @RealityAmuck— “When I write I like to just dump everything I’m thinking of on paper. Later, review and edit after it’s had time to rest.” @supersiblings— “My favorite comedy strips have an unusual turn & written very concise i.e. Far Side, Calvin, etc.” @supersiblings— “I love humor strips when cartoonists have only one word or no words in the final panel… not sure why but I do.” @adreanaline— “When I write humor, I think of unusual situations. Take what I know and throw a wrench in the works.” @supersiblings— “For me I usually get an idea for a punchline… so I’m usually writing backwards from there.” @MaskedManor— “It also helps to write yourself into a corner occasionally. Then the fun begins when you force yourself to dig out of it.”

This kind of discussion always leads to the question: “Is humor an innate talent or is it a learned skill?” My answer is that it’s a bit of both. You need a sense of humor to get started. You need to be able to look around you and find funny things in life that inspire you. Once you have the idea you need the skills to craft it into something truly memorable. There’s no easy way to do it but the payoff is worth it.