Thanks for joining in on this week’s #webcomicschat a great time was had by all I’m sure. We’ve talked about process in the past but suffice it say that many of us work in traditional pen and ink first, scan our artwork, and then do touch up and lettering in the computer. I use Photoshop, while many others use Manga Studio. Personally I’m to set in my ways to pick up a new illustration program but it sounds like Manga Studio has lots of great presets for comic artists. One of my new favorite features in Photoshop CS4 is the ability to “Rotate View”. Before CS4 this was only possible in Corel Painter. For me tilting the page in my view screen has made all the difference in my digital sketching and painting. Well, I’ll keep it brief this time, but for more info be sure and search hashtag #webcomicschat .