For this week’s #webcomicschat I thought it would be fun to give some advice. To start the conversation I posed this question. “Knowing what you know now, what advice you would give yourself if you were just starting out in web comics?” We got some great responses so thanks for your comments everyone. Here are few: @adreanaline “Don’t be so scared and stress out. Just have fun — readers pick up on that” , @adreanaline “And if you’re planning to do the strip in color, don’t wait until you’ve finished all the inks. Do it as part of process…” , @supersiblings “My advice – follow your instincts” , @adreanaline “I think Dave Kellett said once – if you want to do a webcomic, do it – don’t get stuck in planning, do it. :)” , @remdog1138 “Just do it!” , @RobCottingham “Stop obsessing over whether your technique is good enough. Focus on great ideas and distinctive voice.” , @supersiblings “The only way to see if your webcomic idea will work is to stick w/ it, if after a year u still love it- you’re golden” , @supersiblings “Make the strip you want to read… it’s likely someone else will want to read it too” , @adreanaline “It’s the saying: Art is a support for life, not life a support for art.” not sure if I’m making any sense –” , @supersiblings “My comic is my flux capacitor – it’s what makes my real job possible (or bearable)” , @ranbrown “The key is to just keep pushing yourself to do it, even if you know you can’t. i do it every day.” , @supersiblings “Good art draws me in, good story keeps me coming back”

Thanks again to everyone that played along. If you’ve got something to add, post it here: