Howdy tweeps. “Tonight’s #webcomicschat rocked tonight!” -Spinal Tap.

I’ve got San Diego on the brain so I thought I’d ask everyone what their plans are for pimp’n out their tables this year. First off I’m gonna add sketch cards. I’ve been trying to include more original art at my table and for me I think the sketch cards are a good way to go. In my experience if you’re a well known artist you’ll have an easier time selling prints. If you’re a new creator or relatively unknown you’ll do better selling original art. Especially if it’s art that includes your versions of popular characters. For me I’d rather sell 10 cards for $10 each than try and sell one large illustration for $100. @dennmann17 also suggested doing sketches on blank cover comics and selling those at your table. I think that’s another good idea.

T-shirts have always been a good seller for me as well. I used to do shirts based on my characters but now I’m focusing on “geek” related tees. When my characters become more popular I think I’ll go back to making their shirts. For now it’s better to work on something that has a mass appeal.

As a web cartoonist, conventions are my opportunity to make new fans and meet other creators. With that in mind I do my best to hand out cards and sign up folks for my newsletter. This year I’m considering doing a raffle where I can collect email addresses and give out cool prizes.

Feel free to post your convention ideas here as well.