I enjoyed another #webcomicschat this week. Thanks for playing along at home. Early out someone raised the question of buffers. They questioned if it was better to work really far ahead or leave yourself open to spontaneous comics.

Ultimately, I suppose it depends what your comic is. If it’s serialized it doesn’t matter. If you have a gag strip, leaving yourself open could be a good idea so you can comment on current events. As with most things on this blog I don’t practice what I preach but, in spite of that I’ll give you my ideal situation. I’d like to be about two weeks ahead. Because my strip is not serialized I always leave myself open to change the order if a new idea occurs to me and I want to shake things up.

Honestly most web comic artists have day jobs so a buffer can be a blessing and a curse. If I build one I always end up using it up. When I do I feel guilty for being behind. On the other hand the stress of meeting the deadline seems to focus my attention and help me get it done. In a perfect world I would sit back in my studio working at my own pace with no other care in the world but my comic. Alas, because I’m not independently wealthy, that will always be a dream. I need to accept the fact that I can only do the best I can considering my circumstances. Besides, it’s free content so quit you’re belly-aching dangit!