We had another fun #webcomicschat, thanks to everyone that came out to play. @RealityAmuck posed a question that became our topic for the evening, it went something like this: More than dealing with writer’s block how do you deal with Artist’s block? Or rather, you may have a great idea but no way to express it visually.

In general it seemed like recommendations for a solution to the problem revolved around stepping back from the drawing board and finding visual reference and inspiration. Personally I love books and over the years I’ve filled my studio bookself with books, comics, sketchbooks, collections, etc of my favorite artists. When faced with a visual puzzle to solve I love looking at inspiring art and more often than not filling the visual reservoir clears the mental log jam.

@awyeahfranco, of tiny titans fame, was kind enough to throw in his two cents as well. To him he doesn’t have time to worry about creative blocks. It’s much better to move along to another project and let the solution come at a later time. I’ve had that experience as well, sometimes just changing gears for a bit let’s the mind relax and come up with a solution when it’s not actively thinking about it.

Lastly I think sometimes it’s just a matter of confidence. There’s a big difference between wondering IF a solution will come or HOW inspiration will arrive. I think that confidence comes as a result of persistence and experience. Webcomics are great for that because a regular update schedule keeps you motivated and gives you the opportunity to grow.