Thanks to those that came out to play for this weeks #webcomicschat . I started the discussion by asking if there were any tips or recommendations for making our comic making time more productive or efficient. What I quickly realized is that the more important question is, what should we eliminate from our daily routine that makes us less productive? Ironically this question was posed on the biggest time waster of them all- Twitter. Speaking of social media someone suggested limiting Facebook to the weekends and just checking Twitter periodically on a phone. That works for me. Although I love tweetdeck it’s a big distraction for me if I’m actually using my computer. Probably better to check my tweets in quick bursts from my iPhone so I can stay on task.

Another time waster is TV. For myself unless it’s Lost or Deadliest Catch I try to always have my drawing board out so I’m doing something else while I watch the boob tube. A few of us also agreed that podcasts or the History channel or something like that create good ambient noise that give us something informative or entertaining to listen to while we work. For the most part as it relates to our discussion of comic production it’s probably just as important to look for things to cut out of our routines as it is to look for things to improve our productivity.