Thanks again for a fun #webcomicschat. What a great group of tweeps that came out to play. Tonight I asked what our motivation is for making web comics. Do we do it for “fun and profit” or for “fun or profit”? Unfortunately, the later seems to be the most common. To my knowledge there are only a few web cartoonists out there making a full-time living from their work. This fact leads to a logical question, if not for money then why do it? @RedsPlanet called it an artistic IP investment in your future. I think that’s a great way to look at it. As artists and designers we spend a great deal of time working on other people’s projects. That’s a necessary part of commercial art but if that’s all we do then we miss out on building a body of work that WE own. The way I look at it we’ve got nothing to lose except a bit of our free time.

Aside from investing in myself, my web comic is also an essential artistic outlet. Over the years I’ve heard artists say that they felt compelled to create their art. As an illustrator, honestly, I never quite understood what they meant. I always enjoyed drawing and painting and knew I wanted to work as a commercial artist, but I never had anything to “say” with my art or had something I felt compelled to do. That is to say until I started working on my web comic. I genuinely feel a need to work on my comic and I find great satisfaction in making people laugh. So there it is, if you boil it down, whether or not I make money I HAVE to work on my web comic. I’d do it anyways and how thankful I am that I live in an age where I can self-publish my work and build my own audience. Pass or fail I think it’s worth it.