I held an impromptu #webcomicschat on Wednesday. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give out any advanced notice. These past few weeks have been busy so when I found I had a little time to spare I decided to be spontaneous. Thanks to everyone that came out to play! This week we talked about conventions. I’m headed to Wizard World Anaheim (If you’re in the area come by Artist Alley #1047) this weekend and I thought it would be good to hear what everyone’s plans are this year. Here are some highlights:

In general the consensus was that when it comes to sales at your table, soft sell is best. Take time to greet and be pleasant with your potential customers. If you’re genuine, sincere and polite people will respond in kind. Looking desperate or pushy will immediately turn people away. We also talked about sketching. @adreanaline brought up the problem of “sketch fright”. I suffer from this malady myself. I get very nervous when people start watching me draw, not to mention the fact that I worry they won’t like what I’ve drawn for them. For myself I’m not comfortable charging for sketches or taking commissions. I tend to do “free” quick sketches. If I were to charge I’d want to do it back at my studio because of the time I’d want to put into each drawing. Besides, I don’t like having my head buried in a sketch pad during a convention because I’d miss greeting people or gawking at the cosplay.

I also think it’s a good idea to network with your neighbors. @remdog1138 suggested bringing doughnuts, especially when next to @guigar. I second the notion, especially when sitting next to me. 🙂 For this year I’ve decided to keep things simple. In terms of product I have my books, two t-shirt designs, and some prints and artwork. I also always have a sign-up sheet where I can collect names and email addresses of new readers. I learned that technique from @davekellett a long time ago. In general I think it’s good to stick with a budget and try not to over spend on product, personally I’d rather sell out then have a lot to take home.

With that I’ll sign off this week. Feel free to post any other advice here, and happy conventions everyone!