There has been a lot of chatter on the interweb lately about the casting of Captain America for Marvel’s latest film project. In light of that I wanted to share my thoughts on Captain America. Cap is my favorite comic book character. I’m not sure when or where I first became familiar with him but I’ve been reading and collecting Cap’s comics since the early 70s. When I was a kid Cap was also a cheap book to collect so I worked hard to build a complete run. Recently I was able to finally get a copy of #100 which is basically #1 for 1970s cap. I treasure the issue drawn by the master and creator himself, Jack Kirby.

When I started reading comics again a few years ago it also coincided with Ed Brubaker’s now highly acclaimed run on the title. Cap has always been a top of the stack book for me. I enjoyed watching him lead the Civil War and was saddened when he fell under an assassin’s bullet. I wondered whether or not Bucky could really wield the shield, but Brubaker has continued to keep me interested. Now returned from the dead, I’m excited to see where Steve Rogers fits in the future Marvel Universe.

I think the appeal of Captain America for me is that he is more of a regular man like Batman. He doesn’t have any real super powers and has to use his enhanced strength and tactical knowledge to deal with his enemies. He’s also a leader and unlike Batman looks for opportunities to inspire others through his own willingness to stand up to a challenge. I also like the fact that he comes from the World War II era, and because of that he’s able to promote the simple values of right and wrong unlike the more tortured heroes of our day. In my mind this makes him the perfect, selfless hero. My question is, who could possibly embody that persona on screen? I’d like to think there’s the perfect actor out there to embody him, ala Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Ultimately though I don’t think anyone measures up. It looks as if Marvel has selected Chris Evans to play him. I wish him the best of luck he has very large boots to fill.