This week I wanted to give a shout-out to Dan Slott and his Mighty Avengers. I had very low expectations for this book. I originally started reading Mighty Avengers because of Bendis’s writing and Frank Cho’s art. When things changed after Secret Invasion I figured I’d lose interest. I was very wrong. This really surprises me because I also had very little interest in the new line up of heroes as well. I attribute my change of heart to Slott’s entertaining writing and to good consistent art. Mighty Avengers #33 has many good examples of both.

In general Slott strikes the perfect balance between adventure and fun. Also, every character is given the opportunity to shine in each issue and their personalities come through. In issue #33 for example, there is a fun exchange between Hercules and Vision. Herc decides to hurl Vision at Adsorbing man. Vision tells him that he’ll compensate for his throw and perfect his aim. Herc replies “Do that and I’ll never forgive you.” A small moment for sure but in a 24 page comic, I’m glad to see these little bits of personality and humor. Another thing Slott does well is use the Avengers as a team. Problems are usually solved and enemies defeated as they use their strengths in concert with one another. I’ve grown tired of the “disassembled” nature of the Avengers and if this is a taste of things to come in the “Heroic Age” count me in.