Like many “True Believers” out there I’m really enjoying Siege. I just finished reading the second issue by Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel. Great stuff, and definitely not for the squeamish (poor, poor Ares). New Avengers and Captain America are what got me reading comics after a 15 year hiatus. Not long after that came Civil War and the the new Thor series where I discovered Coipel. Thus far these issue represent what I love about comics. They are the perfect marriage of art and story. Both working together to create a really fun ride.

Ask yourself this question. When you pick up a comic book are you looking at it for the art or the writer? Of put another way, can you appreciate a good story even though the art is bad? Also, can you enjoy a bad story when the art is good? For me the answer is always art first. No matter how good the writing is I usually can’t make it through an issue if I don’t like the artwork. Also, if the story is bad I just stop reading and enjoy the pretty pictures. That’s probably why I didn’t like Secret Invasion very much, I’ve never warmed to Leinil Francis Yu’s art style.

For me Coipel is one of my favorite Marvel artists. I love how he renders anatomy and facial expressions. He is also a master of movement and action, his characters never feel posed or stiff. I’d love to learn more about his process. I wonder if he uses models or if he’s able to render these figures out of his mind. He’s got an incredible talent if he’s able to do that.

Make Mine Marvel. Nuff Said.