This week’s #webcomicschat focused on writing. Writing can be difficult, whether you’re making long form comics or gag strips. Personally I’m more of an artist than a writer so I’m always looking for tips. When writing comic strips I tend to start with the punchline. Whenever something funny happens to me in my day to day life, I write it down. Later on, when I have time, I craft it into a situation for my characters. Working backwards from a punchline is easier for me then trying to write a joke after the fact. It’s a different challenge all together when you are inserting jokes and gags into a longer story.

@adreanaline gave this analogy for writing, that I think works very well: “You know peppermint Altoids? that’s gag cartoons. it has to be specific and explosive. One picture = setup and payoff. Comic strips = gum. Blow ’em up and then pop ’em. Setup is important, each panel crucial for the payoff. Longform comics = ice cream. Complex flavor, complex process, but still one kind. #webcomicschat -6:54 PM Mar 10th, 2010”

Here are some helpful links that came up in our discussion:

• Robert McKee’s Book on Screen Writing.
• DC’s Guide to Writing
• Peter David’s Guide to Writing Comics
• Andertoons Guide to Gag Strips
• Celtx Pre-Production