I thought I’d post a few thoughts on the current season of LOST. I’ve said for a long time that to me LOST is either going to be the most well written show in history or the biggest waste of time in my life. For me there’s no in between. I’ve never really considered myself a writer, but the more I learn about writing through my work in comics I’m starting to understand the process. As a good friend of mine likes to point out there are many patterns to screen writing and once you recognize them it’s hard to be surprised anymore. LOST remains exciting to me because it is so original and plays by it’s own rules. Unlike 24 for example, LOST still surprises me.

Another thing I like about LOST is how the story is driven by character. I actually care about the characters in the story. The same cannot be said for the 24 crew. This season I’ve also enjoyed the flash “sideways” or the parallel universe story line. What a creative and fresh perspective to take on the characters. My theory is that the creators are secretly showing us the end before the beginning. In other words, instead of building up huge anticipation for the final episode, I think they’ve been showing us the end all along this season by telling us where the characters wind up. Who knows for sure of course, but for now I’m lost in LOST.