Floppy Talk – is a new feature I’m adding to the site. Periodically I’m going to write about what’s on the top ‘o my stack of comic reading goodness. This week I thought I’d talk a bit about League of Extraordinary Gentlemen a lame movie and really fun graphic novel by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill. I’ve had the misfortune of seeing the movie before reading the book. In fact I’ve only now just started reading it and I’m really enjoying it. (Note: For my young readers this is not a book for kids because of the adult humor and situations.)

It’s heretical to say but, I have no special affinity or interest in Alan Moore. Sometimes I like his books and sometimes I don’t. This one seems to fire on all cylinders because of its beautiful marriage of text and art. O’Neill’s illustration style seems perfectly suited for the story. It’s a mixture of traditional pen and ink with a cartoonists flare that hits just the right note. It evokes a Victorian style while at the same time being entertaining to modern readers. In terms of the writing I’m a big fan of finding new ways to tell or retell traditional stories so it’s great to see how Moore included all of the different genres into this Victorian spy novel. I even like the tips of the hat it makes to James Bond.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume 1 – Thumbs Up