Thanks to everyone that participated in this week’s #webcomicschat. I started out by asking everyone to submit their web comic reading recommendations. Lot’s of great webcomics and cartoonists on twitter were listed. When you have time search the #hastag #webcomicschat and you’ll see who was listed.

In addition to that we talked about traffic. We’ve discussed this in the past so I’ll highlight a few new ideas for promoting traffic. I think the key to the process is to consider it a “process”. You need to consistently do many different things on a regular basis to have success. Also, as far as I’m concerned you’ve got nothing to lose when figuring out your promotion strategy so be willing to experiment and observe your results. I’ve made a list of a few recommendations to help:

1. Make sure you are using Google Analytics or some other service to measure your traffic.
2. Use as many FREE methods as you can to promote your comic.
3. Embrace social media, Twitter and Facebook seems to be where it’s at right now, but they will surely be replaced so stay current with tech.
4. Use Project Wonderful for placing ads. It’s better to have a few impressions on a highly visited site than tons of impressions on an unknown site. Make sure your comic fits the genre of the site your advertising on.
5. Use Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, or other aggregator sites to promote you comics. Use specific and popular keywords in your descriptions.
6. Make a few comics based on current events or pop culture, they have a high potential for search results.
7. Comment on blogs and news websites that have a large audience that may see your post and follow it back.

These are just a few suggestions and I’m sure there are many more, so feel free to post your comments here.