It’s a New Year for #webcomicschat the twitter #hastag discussion forum on webcomics. Thanks to those that participated tonight. I started by asking webcomickers to share there New Year’s goals for their comic strips. For me I’d like to work on my buffer, double my readers and publish two long-form comic books. I’m also interested in digital distribution. This leads me to the topic for this post. What are some strategies for mobile and digital comics.

Obviously I’m not an expert, but I’m very interested in the possibilities that digital comic distribution offers. As of yet, I haven’t completely figured out my approach but I thought I’d elaborate here as opposed to some of my brief comments on Twitter. As I see it, for my webcomic I’d like to try two things. First I’d like to find a comic reader app that can display my webcomic from my RSS feeds to a mobile device. Second I’d like create and sell digital comic books of my multi-page stories. It seems like every device from the PSP to the iPhone is now offering some sort of comic reader app. Unfortunately, unless you’re a programmer I’m not sure how to make your own.

For a comic reader that displays from your RSS feed @shatteredmyth suggested Kapow which looks pretty good. I downloaded it and I like the way it works. For apps that sell and distribute digital comics these are the ones I’ve tried: Comixology and Robot Comics. I’ve also heard about “Longbox” which is supposed to be a cross platform viewer and marketplace for computers and phones. In any case there seems to be a lot of activity out there and I’d like to get on board. If only I was a programmer. If you know of other apps, post them here: