I enjoyed our #webcomicschat , thanks to all that participated. We covered a number of topics and the conversation continued long after I left so feel free to add your own comments to this post if you wish. To start we talked a bit about web collectives. I didn’t know exactly what they were at first but I realized that I’ve been joining them without knowing it. Over time I’ve added Super Siblings to web comic directories and websites. The ones I’ve used so far are: Webcomicplanet , ComicRank , TheWebComicList I’m no expert so I can’t say what the best way to use collectives is but for me it seems like a good idea to post my site address anywhere I can. The only limitation I would put on it is that I’m not going to use a site that charges a fee or tries to take any ownership of the strip (i.e. Drunk Duck or Zuda). Personally I’d rather build my own identity online and retain ownership of all my work.

Next we had a good discussion on scripting techniques. If you haven’t done so, do a #webcomicschat search on twitter and you’ll see many of the cartoonists contributions on the subject. For myself I usually try to set aside an hour or two to write each week. This works well for my weekly comic strip and quarterly comic books. Writing is a fun experience for me. It usually happens that after coming up with the first gag others follow easily. The first one is always the hardest, but if I stick with it and work through the writer’s block it never fails that one good idea leads to others. Writing ahead is also a good way to let ideas stew in my brain for a while. According to our chat this is also something that many other cartoonists like as well. The extra time usually leads to rewrites, which for me, seems to improve my strips.

It’s always a good idea to have someone edit your strip. When I first started out I hired a friend of mine to help me. She is a great writer and I always appreciated her feedback. In the beginning, having her review my scripts really helped boost my confidence. Since then I’ve transitioned into self-editing my comic strip but I still go to her for my longer comic books. I think no matter what it’s a good idea to have a second pair of eyes look at your work. If you’re interested my previous post is the actual script I used for the comic posted on 11/30/09 “Instruction Manual”. You might find it interesting to see some of the changes I made to the final draft.

Check back next week for a #webcomicschat at 6pm PST / 9pm EST on Wednesday.