If you’ve ever wondered… this is an example of what my scripts look like. This is the one I wrote for the current strip: “Instruction Manual.” As you can see it’s a basic description with some dialog. I like writing my scripts this way so I can remember what I had in mind when I finally get to draw it. I usually try to write a few weeks ahead and it’s happened where if I don’t write it down I don’t remember and I lose the idea. You may notice that when I finally drew the strip I changed the dialog. That also happens a lot. I don’t bother to fix the original script so it preserves a bit of my thought process.

#95 • 11/30/09 “Instruction Manual”

Panel 1: Picture: Donna is upset. Donna: “Ugh!” James: “What is it?” Donna: “Courtney is driving me crazy.”

Panel 2: Picture: Donna is mad. James tries to calm her down. Donna: “Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with her!” James: “I’m sorry babe, if only kids came with instruction manuals.”

Panel 3: Picture: Donna replies. Donna: “Or return receipts.”