We had another #webcomicschat, thanks to all those that participated. Even though I’ve crossed over into creating digital comics and webcomics I still love books. It’s my dream to have a wall to wall library full of books, art books, trades and comics. I really enjoy sitting down with a good art book and looking at all the pretty pictures. This week I thought it would be fun to hear what other cartoonists and writers have on their bookshelf. What follows is a list I’ve put together from your recommendations during our #webcomicschat. Mind you, many of these books and artists are not directly related to cartooning but I am a big believer in “filling the visual well.” As cartoonists and illustrators I think it’s important to always look for inspiring art that gets the creative juices flowing. Check back next week, #webcomicschat is usually held Wednesday nights at 6pm PST / 9pm EST.

1. Drew Struzan
3. Visual Development or Conceptual Art Books for Live Action & Animated Movies
3. James Gurney
4. H. R. Gieger
5. Ryan Church
6. Ralph McQuarrie
7. Stephen Silver
8. Bill Watterson
9. Peter De Seve
10. Jim Borgman