I’m trying an experiment on Twitter. I may be duplicating something that exists out there but I don’t think so. Tonight was the first weekly #webcomicschat I’d like to invite any creators or enthusiasts out there to participate every Wednesday night at 6pm PST at hashtag #webcomicschat . Tonight we discussed some promotional ideas for building an audience. There are many ways to promote your webcomic online. Many of them I think, can be considered preaching to the choir. In other words, how do you get beyond the over saturated webcomic audience and reach “new” potential readers.

According to Alexa these are the top 10 most visited sites on the web: 1. Google 2. Yahoo 3. Facebook 4. YouTube 5. Myspace 6. Wikipedia 7. Windows Live 8. Craigslist 9. eBay and 10. MSN. These are the sites where the majority of people online are going each day. During our chat tonight we discussed some of the ways to find potential readers on many of these sites. For example, does your comic strip have a Facebook Fan Page or do you post anything of artistic interest on YouTube? I think it’s useful to try and think of creative ways to add to your online presence and use these sites in some fashion to fish for new readers.